I was certainly not expecting the semi freight truck driver to tell me to get my truck and back it up to the back of his semi. In fact, I sheepishly asked him if he couldn’t just back HIS truck up, you know…beep beep beep….down my long drive. He took one look at my gate, a look at his monstrous truck and stated “no way!”….

Rats! There went my cool video opportunity.

So I grabbed my keys, hopped in the Ram and drove it up the driveway to the roadside, backed it up (sans sound effect, sniff!) and sure enough Mr. Delivery man slid a HUGE crate onto the bed of my truck.

I just looked at him with what I hoped was wide eyed consternation. “Um, how am I supposed to get Winston down?”

I’m sure that question alone piqued his curiosity because the gentleman agreed to hop in the bed of my truck, ride back to the house and slide Winston’s crate off for me in the driveway! Yay!

Sure enough, my anonymous Hercules hung on while I drove back carefully (you know…don’t kill the messenger…) hopped off the back and carefully, single handedly, slid the huge crate off and safely onto my driveway.

“What is this thing’, looking at the Equicizer packing label, ‘a horse?” “Oh yes, and so much more!” I replied, itching to liberate Winston from his dark confines.

Nope….Herc’ had to chat it up for a few minutes, and frankly I was indebted. So we shot the breeze about the glories of “living out in the country”, compared our acreage (we both have five plus) and then, ack!…he proudly showed me the pictures on his phone of the steer he freshly butchered last night!!!

With what I hoped sounded like an unhurried but sincerely appreciative farewell I thanked the dear man. (But, after those pictures I think I’m vegan now)….

And not just a little bit excited

I faced THE CRATE.

Hang on Winston, I’m coming!

Winston, Liberated!

It was a big crate.

But Frankie Lovato from Equicizer assures that unpacking his horses is a breeze, so I grabbed my scissors and sure enough….pop, pop, pop, straps came off, top of box removed, sides of box taken off….


Now mind you, I’m not very patient. At all.
I wanted Winston in the house and tacked up!
Ladies and gents, I can say I had Winston uncrated, wheels and bands on, and up the stairs into my house, tacked up and ready to go in 20 minutes!

By Myself!!!

He looks happy doesn’t he?

And the other handsome fellow is Beau, my black lab. He apparently is not impressed, but then he knows me well and nothing really surprises him anymore.

I have taken my first walk, trot and canter on my dear Winston and I can truly say I am in LOVE! Winston, you were worth the wait!

The next post, a more detailed description of the wonders of the Equicizer.

But for now,

Welcome home Winston!

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