Horse in the House!

The new “normal”!

My house is, well, eclectic.

ACKNOWLEDGE, oh my yes, I even talk about him….. the horse in my living room.

I’m smitten.

At the horse show this weekend
(I announced the show, not back in the ring yet!) a few of us were discussing rider fitness, core exercise routines and how to “stack” your core for an optimal seat and effective aids. I so wanted to have Winston with me to help everyone demonstrate. He’s, well, just so practically perfect in every way!

I know these concepts get put into practice every time I throw a leg over the saddle and focus on correct body biomechanics.

He is such a willing horse! Handsome, quiet and moves like a dream. Sigh…

Um…..back to the point.

Winston is helping me rehab my body back into rider fitness, and I’m enjoying myself! Really! While my Level 3 Western Dressage AQHA mare is also in a “back to fitness” program (trot work, ground poles, lots of body work, no canter yet) I’m working on getting as fit as I can with Winston. For Belle, for me, for my family.

So yes, 30 plus minute rides are my new daily normal, with lots of stretches first. ( has some great videos to help the beginner)

But, I also want to work on my correct aids. You know, PERFECT practice makes perfect.

I need to give a shout out about something really cool that Equicizer is now offering….an elastic rein attachment!


For folks who don’t know much or care about riding….close your ears or skip this section, because I’m going to go all dressage geeky for a moment!

Half halt!!!

These little elastic wonders create that magical feeling, when reins are gathered up, with contact, a correct seat, following hands, stacked core, lower back strong yet supple….of an honest to goodness…REAL half halt!


Ok…moment over.

I just had to let you know Winston keeps surprising me!

Now a little update on my Belle, the AQHA diva. She is without a doubt, my heart horse.

I get happy nickers when I head out every morning, and an automatic smooch from her before I open the gate to the pasture.

She had her hocks injected a few weeks ago and she is now moving well at the walk and trot, and without her prior obvious discomfort. I am grateful. And looking forward to the future.

Purty girl, huh?

So, what’s helping you towards your goals of optimal fitness, more fun riding, future goals?

I can tell you my pillars.

Faith, family, fitness, fun.

More in the next post on some of my healthy meal prep strategies and a quick video of Winston and I having a mini workout.

Here’s to fitness, the fun way!

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