“Perfect Practice”…is perfectly possible!

To borrow a lyric…

….”times they are a ‘changin!”

It’s because I got serious about my health and fitness.

There is just too much evidence that consuming processed, sugary, packaged and drive-thru food is taking years off of our lives, and robbing us of the joy of living the way the Lord meant us to live.

And being sedentary (read: slouched in front of the “smellavision”) ticks off the years relentlessly. Wasted.

Ok…maybe slouching around has not been my particular issue, but it’s a challenge for a lot of folks.

So, taking matters into my own hands and becoming much smarter (at least more educated) and less passive about what gets brought into our home from the market has become…well, an obsession of sorts. Granted, I LOVE food, but I don’t LIVE for food now.

It’s that now I enjoy finding and preparing fresh, organic and whole foods as a lifestyle. I love to make healthy, colorful meals! It’s ART!

A huge difference from the “grab something quick on the way home” mindset.

That’s organic veggies, organic sliced pears and blueberries, organic chick peas, wild caught cod lightly dipped in home raised egg and coated with gluten free bread crumbs, pan fried in olive oil. Yummers!


I also enjoy brushing my horses, cleaning the barn, trimming trees, fixing things, doing outdoor painting projects, gardening, walking the herd, er, pack of dogs, making art (my business, you know, work? Hearthstone Studio on Facebook, dherbertart) and exercising. Exercising….ummm blech?

And I enjoy everything about riding….so much that I want to be able to keep doing all that for a looonnng time!

Enter Winston.

Here’s a reveal….if I’m having fun working towards a goal I’m going to keep working at it!

And guess what! In riding, there is no way to EVER learn it all….to ever say “I’ve reached the end, I know everything there is to know.” Phhht! If you run into anybody who says that, make a speedy exit, they’re FULL of malarkey! (my Irish roots, beggin’ your pardon!)

But, there IS a way to put into practice good habits so the hard things become easier, and my body isn’t holding me back.

Perfect practice….with Winston! Here’s a short video with my Equicizer ( https://equicizer.com/)….

I know….pommel front, cantle back….sigh. I just get sooo excited! Winston helps me a great deal. Really!

In the month I’ve had the “horse in the house”…I can already tell a big difference. A difference in my attitude, my body and my joy, because although I AM exercising and eating right…I’m having fun doing it.

So, more with Winston in future posts! I’ll leave you with a photo of one of our girls, laying an egg in the egg carton. Smart isn’t she!

And chicks….baby chicks…just want to hold em’! Oh, so cuddly cute and fluffy! The clutch was hidden in the ferns…and rescued before the resident wild life found them. Precious.

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