“Wait…what?” (and a Workout with Weights…with Winston!)

The riding lesson last Thursday was progressing well, my epic bruise from the Friday before wasn’t bothering me, and Belle was being really good.

As in, ” ok Mom…whatever you say” mode. We went through lots of transitions and leg yielding from the quarter line to the rail. And nice forward trot, walk, trot transitions on the serpentines.

“Ok, now canter the middle loop’ says Karen.”


Too late … the middle loop was already there….and we cantered it!

Karen laughed and said ” I could see your brain going into overdrive!”

But really…all I had time to do was take a deep breath and canter.

We repeated the exercise both directions and it was literally…no biggy!

We had been planning on cantering the next week, but like the great photographer who snaps on 2 instead of 3, Karen caught me off guard. Perfect!!!

No time to over-analyze, build up anticipation or worry that Belle wouldn’t be fit enough or not cooperate.

She is fit enough and Karen can now add psychotherapist to her repertoire, lol! (Note to reader…I haven’t cantered Belle since last July! So…Happy dance!!!)

The tropical weather and daily drenching we have been receiving this week has put a hold on riding Belle. But I have been doing some fun work clicker training. Targeting first, adding a bridge sound, and next specific behaviors I want to teach or reinforce…like moving herself into position at the mounting block…and standing there. Click!

I have also been riding Winston…with weights!



Speaking of…when is chocolate good for you…and sort of a veggie at the same time? When it’s chocolate hummus!

Before you get all worked up about chocolate and hummus in the same sentence…I didn’t believe it either! So I HAD to make some to try it out…kitchen science experiment!

Oh my word…..delicious!


Seriously…With sliced organic apples, gluten free pretzels and baby carrots…yummers.

Next time I’m going to add a drop of peppermint and some shredded unsweetened coconut…

healthy snacking!


Sooooo good!

Finally…this is what I saw on the way to town this morning…just your typical baby wild pig encounter!


Thankful for the little things…and the big things, like my faith, family and friends!

Its a blessing to be able to enjoy horses, right?

Happy riding!

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