“When it rains, it POURS…or, ‘The Little Bumps on the Road of Life’ (or on your horse)…!”

Can you catch my drift?

Be careful what you pray for folks!

Because we were in a severe drought and I was throwing hay to my little herd like candy at a parade…I, well…. you know….implored upon the Lord to send rain.

So Sorry, Floridians!

The combined prayers of horse owners alone were probably so obnoxious that the Lord waved his hand and smiled benevolently….

I’ll have to remember these last 2 weeks next time I ask for rain! Eight (Yes 8!) inches so far and a tropical event of some sort this weekend promising five inches or more!


you CAN safely assume the AQHA princess did NOT get ridden.

But yesterday (Wed) was…



I quickly shot off a text to Madame Trainer and asked if she could fit me in today (Thursday…and DRY!) for a lesson. Fully intending to have a great blog and video of Belle and I on the path back to show ready fitness for you. Phhht!

“When it rains…it pours”….not so proverbally speaking.

As I was bringing the gang into the barn, I noticed “Miss Thing” had a couple of bumps on her butt.


AND on her flanks…and belly and neck….


What did you get into?”

I tossed the other two unscathed horses into stalls and thoroughly cold hosed Belle from head to toe.

She was covered with hives and welts. No telling what bit her (Not fire ants, property treated and clear) but whatever it was my sensitive skinned mare was a mess.

And of course, a warning phone call to Karen that Belle was…not herself.

With a promise to call her in the am., I treated just the biggest hives with a little of my “go to” remedy…..Denise’s Swell Gone Salve, and hoped the hives would be gone by morning.

You need to know….pretty much nothing takes away Belles’ appetite, so since she was scarfing dinner and hay like she had been cruelly starved (in other words her normal appetite) I wasn’t too worried.

Until I checked on her at midnight and she also had hives on her face….and more everywhere else. Ack!

Lots of praying overnight, and a run out to the barn at 6 am.

Still hives everywhere.

AND… a huge appetite!

Whew! I called the vet at 9 am. and left a message to just see if anyone else was having hive “issues”….

A fast call back from the vet…YES! Two other horses were experiencing the same thing, and the consensus is that with all the rain the ground wasps have become super active. Yikes!

I was doing everything right according to the vet. Thank you…but….my horse looks like a topographical map to the hills of Kentucky.

Quick message to Denise…of the the same salve mentioned above. “Can I feed Belle the salve?”

And an equally speedy message back. “YES!”

I thought I had read I could, as I have used it on a tooth abscess I had once. Yes…me!

Belle wolfed down the recommended amount (do not mix with feed, and feed a couple of hours after meals), and I’ll repeat tonight. Thank you Denise!


I’m so glad that there are all natural, safe alternatives to drugs!

It will be interesting to see how Belle will be for next week’s scheduled lesson after 3 weeks off. I can hear Karen now, “Yup…you and everyone else!” No excuses!

So what do you do when the weather dampens your outdoor plans?

My little brain starts flashing the word “PROJECTS!” in neon!

Bill, the darling hubby, just shakes his head and retreats to the garage. Good man.

A quick run to the craft and home improvement stores and BAM!

I repaired the dog scratched leather on our super comfy sofa and also dyed the leather on a cool but outdated teal leather/nail head trimmed rolling chair I found at an antique shop.

Now it’s a gorgeous spare chair that matches the sofa!

Annnnd then I headed into the kitchen.

You know when you look at something for 15 years and even though you don’t like it, you live with it?

I’m talking tacky kitchen backsplash wall tile here.

Research mode, and voila!

I primed and painted it!

A whole different kitchen look! Now …. a decision to make. Want to help?

Do I want to ADD the galvanized metal trim pieces, or leave as is?

Let me know what you think!!!

A ” before” shot. Blech!

Speaking of the kitchen…Paleo organic blueberry muffins!!! Easy and very, very good!

I love a good sale! And plenty left for the freezer.

So imagine the smell of fresh baked muffins, a soft evening rain and a good ride afterall…….on Winston!

If I didn’t have my Equicizer I don’t know what I’d do. Mope…or think up MORE projects.


Hubby says I am going to wear poor Winston out.

I secretly think Winston really isn’t concerned…we’re having too much fun.

Working out!

Oh! Some excellent news!

I entered the polo painting into a juried show…

“Florida’s Finest”

…and was accepted!


Reception and photos to share next week!

So, my verse this week?


So despite the setbacks….

Saddle up!

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