Delays, Debuts and Discussions…

It’s officially here. Summer heat, humidity and rain….LOTS of rain!

Florida has two seasons, “Paradise” (8 months…and glorious) and “Blech!” (4 months..and everyone who can run for the hills anywhere north of Atlanta…does!)

These predictably humid and often stormy days are interspersed with the odd “feels like” 110 degree cloudless day and the occasional tropical event.

Annnnd….today IS the first day of hurricane season.

Thank goodness for my Equicizer “Winston”!

I can ride in my pjs or after I’ve sloshed through the yard back from cleaning the barn. Yay!!! He doesn’t care, and he doesn’t get crabby!

I can get pretty goofy with Winston…the “right brain” creativity prompted by a recurring memory from my childhood.

My parents said if they ever heard the words “I’m bored” they would fix it so we wished we never uttered them!

Chores galore!!!

Needless to say, riding is always more fun than chores!


Part of my weekly to do list (I did NOT say chores) is to stay on track with my art making goals.

One of the goals for this year was to enter several shows and exhibitions. Last week I received notice that my polo painting “Polo Verde” was accepted into the Florida’s Finest juried statewide exhibition in Sarasota.

So I attended the opening reception last night in stealth mode. By myself.

I took pictures of people looking at all the great art, I took pictures of shoes….and yes, I took pictures of my picture.

I felt like an undercover private investigator…..note to self; art exhibition receptions would be WAY more fun with someone to talk to about all those art lovers, their shoes…

and the art!

The mission continues…and another piece completed to enter into a USDF art contest!

“Enter at A”

If you zoom in you can see the dressage ring reflected in the eye. THAT was fun!

Speaking of…what is 10 pounds and always happy?

That would be Piper…the pint sized rescue Pomeranian! He makes me laugh…a lot!

(Who can keep a straight face when that little guy looks at you and WINKS! Seriously…he does it at will!)

What have you been doing to keep laughing, or growing, or getting healthier?

That is homemade chicken crust pizza with organic sauce and cheese and organic veggies…totally yummers! Easy peasy too!

Finally, I’m having our dressage club over in a couple of weeks for our June meeting. You KNOW they will want to hop on Winston. Wouldn’t you?

I asked a couple of gals who had come over for a visit, on different days…but both coincidentally named Deb, to give me a little feedback in writing from their first encounter with an Equicizer.

Here’s what they said:

Deb #1 (upper level rider, trainer and equine/human physical therapist)

Winston has amazingly authentic gaits ! Perfect to facilitate or maintain riders muscle memory from beginners to advanced . Practice upper level moves even when you don’t have an upper level horse ! Lots of fun .

Deb #2 (working on silver medal in dressage, licensed Psychologist and works with riders)

Meeting Winston
A special thank you to Deb Herbert for allowing me to try her Equicizer Winston. I was pleased to meet her patient and SAFE riding exercise partner and quickly learned he was a real workout. Winston requires the use of my core muscles to move and a non-restricting hand to keep him going. With Deb’s guidance I was able to experience walk, trot and canter, as well as feel how to keep my arms and legs independent from my seat. Winston was also very sensitive to any changes in the rhythm of my seat or lifting my seat from the saddle. He was also a real tattle tale if my rein contact became inconsistent. In about 10 minutes I was sweating and 20 was all I could handle. Winston was a fun and instructive way to stay in condition for riding.

Such GREAT feedback!

I love it when people find out about new opportunities and fun ways to stay, or get fit!

Well, here’s hoping the awesome weather guy with the cool suspenders got it right for our neck of the woods this weekend….get ready Belle…I’ve REALLY missed you!

Have a blessed weekend….

Because He IS Good!

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